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We got involved  in SEO back from  2015. in last few years so many things happened in the area of search engine optimization. Using Panda, Penguin and countless different upgrades so you will need somebody who get the job done!

That is where my team of search engine optimization specialists come in the celebration.

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Please do not Subscribe, if your website not eligible for monthly SEO service!

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Price starts at $499/month

Please do not Subscribe, if your website not eligible for monthly SEO service!

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White Hat SEO:

Why our SEO Service is different. Let us give you a quick overview of what happens once you fill up eligibility form and qualify.  

SEO Monthly Subscription:

Once You have got approval for your website, you will be eligible for monthly SEO subscription and we shall start working by selecting potential keywords & try to rank for. The keywords range could be 20-100 considering the specific website, industry and your competitors status. Normally bloggers would like to get ranks for 50-80 keywords sometime long-tails while you have a bunch of keywords. After selecting keywords list and URL, we will send an email for your approval through. If this is fine with you then we will start next course of action. [As per Terms & conditions]

Specified Traffic and data:

We will monitor keywords movement based on finalized keyword list and keep tracking record for the next course of action and SEO strategy. We shall send you weekly/monthly report through email thus you can be on the same page and follow up progress even if you want to monitor your website 24/7, we may provide you a specific login details to checkout  latest ranking updates, ups and downs and data analysis. 

On Page SEO:

It should keep in mind that ON PAGE SEO is very import to get rank so we shall cover on page SEO too unless there 70% change not to get rank even doing 99% quality off page SEO. So there is no possiblity to get rank in page 1 without 10/10 one page SEO.

Off Page SEO

This is all about the external factor what helps your website to get rank in page 1 while on page SEO is done properly. Off page SEO doesn't mean backlinks only there is some crucial factor like EAT (expertise, authority and trust), backlinks anchor Text percentage, velocity, removing toxic links, finding opportunities for PR & 100s of other so on. Thus we are experience in ranking we are aware that exactly needs based on the raking position so off page strategy is not something same for all website, it depends case to case so its very difficult to offer same monthly SEO subscription to all. That's why our monthly SEO subscription is allays a customized offer through email. 


How long does it take to get rank in page 1:

Normally, a website take 3 to 6 month to get rank page 1 depends on keywords difficulty and other so we re-commandeered to go for 6 months subscription to get sustainable results although subscription cancellation always open as per Terms & conditions

What happened if don't get rank get rank in 1st page?

We are giving you refund guarantee for running month only if you request within 14 days whatever your monthly subscription rate. 

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